An Interview with Superstition Review

Superstition Review is the online literary magazine of Arizona State University. It’s editor, Britney Gulbrandsen, asked if she could interview me for the latest issue. “Sure, why not?” I replied.

Britney and I covered a lot of ground, chatting via email about Marley & Me, The Longest Trip Home, my children’s books, and even some of my columns from my days at the Philadelphia Inquirer. Here is Britney’s Q&A with me:

4 Responses to “An Interview with Superstition Review”

  1. Marian says:

    Great article Mr. Grogan!!
    I’m an architect, and although it doesn’t seem so at first, the art of writing shares something with the art of designing buildings… Sometimes the deadline approaches and you have nothing!!
    I’m glad that you are generous enough to share your little “tricks” and techniques for finding inspiration and delivering a good result.

    I really enjoy your blog, and I hope you can keep finding the time to post.

  2. Tina says:

    I haven’t checked in for awhile… as there hasn’t been updates. I was so happy to see TWO new updates today! Thank you! Any news on a new book coming out? I know, I know… what’s the rush? :)

  3. amy martin says:

    Wow, I loved this interview.Britney Gulbrandsen did an amazing job with interesting thoughtful questions. I loved his answers, you could tell he was engaged and really took the time to give us thoughtful answers in return. I loved the book and I even loved the movie despite its differences which are always expected. It was good to hear he understood why they make changes and still liked the end result. I look forward to reading his other books.

  4. Shirley Baumgardner says:

    Hi John!

    So pleased you keep your many fans updated from time to time. I know what you mean about the deer. Two years ago I had a row of arborvitae replaced at the foot of my yard with knockout roses. They were lovely. Three days later I looked out and had no flowers. Yeah, the deer ate them. Now I try to keep them sprayed but with all this rain in Pennsylvania this year that’s become a major project. My great granddaughters love your children’s books.

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