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Friday, November 13th, 2009

It seems like most of the fall has been spent on the road. September was my children’s book tour for Marley Goes to School. And October had me back out for the paperback release of The Longest Trip Home, which is currently #31 on The New York Times’ extended paperback nonfiction bestseller list. Thanks to everyone who turned out to say hi.

I just arrived back home in Pennsylvania from my final trip of the year, to The Woodlands, Texas, outside of Houston, where I spoke at a charity fundraiser for the John Cooper School. Prior years, the event featured Barbara Bush, Dave Barry, and Mitch Albom, so I certainly felt in good company. And now my traveling is behind me for a while. I actually did something I haven’t done in months — fully unpacked my suitcase and stowed it in the attic instead of keeping it half-packed in the corner ready to go. It feels good to be home for awhile, and I’m celebrating by splitting and stacking a winter’s worth of firewood to warm my little writing (and daydreaming) cottage out by the barn.

Just as I was winding down my fall travel, I received an irresistible invitation from to be a guest blogger. The Book Lady’s Blog is a fun site filled to the brim with unbridled passion for books of all kinds. Rebecca, who is the Book Lady, asked me to write about The Longest Trip Home, and the story behind the story. I was all too happy to oblige.

In her introduction to my essay, Rebecca wrote:

“About this time last year, I stayed up late one night to finish John Grogan’s memoir The Longest Trip Home. As I sobbed my way through its final chapters, grateful that my husband was no longer awake to tease me for my emotional reaction to a book, I realized I was finishing one of the best books of the year. The Longest Trip Home left an impression I won’t soon forget, and I am thrilled to welcome John Grogan to guest post here at The Book Lady’s Blog.”

Thanks for the generous words, Rebecca. To read my guest essay that recently went up on The Book Lady’s Blog, please click here: