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The Boca Sidewalk Cafe Scene

Friday, March 14th, 2008

The real table was way bigger and way heavier — and still Marley dragged it behind him like it didn’t exist.

On location in South Florida

Friday, March 14th, 2008

It says something about how twisted I am, that Jennifer Aniston looks as gorgeous as ever, and still…. I can’t stop staring at the Lab.

Calling All Extras!

Friday, March 14th, 2008

This item ran in the Miami Herald yesterday. Hey, the pay’s not great, but how fun would that be? And FREE LUNCH! I’m in!

The film, Marley & Me, starring Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston, is filming in South Florida through May 28, 2008.

Casting director Lori Wyman is looking for 1,500 attractive people of all races, ages, shapes and sizes, to cast as extras in various scenes being shot at South Florida beaches, parks, schools and neighborhoods.

It pays $100 a day and includes lunch.

Wyman said that applicants who show up at her North Miami Beach office stand a better chance of being cast than those who merely mail in photographs of themselves.

Applicants should mail a recent picture of themselves (face and body shot); their height; home, cellphone and work numbers; and any athletic skills that they have.

Applicants who have cars from 1985 to 1991 are also encouraged to include the make, model, year and color of their vehicle (your car may be cast in the film).

Lori Wyman Casting

16499 NE 19th Ave., Suite 203

North Miami Beach, FL 33162


Open 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Filming begins

Monday, March 10th, 2008

Hey there, everyone. After months of anticipation, the big day finally arrived today: The first day of filming of Marley & Me the movie.

The movie, starring Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston, will be shot in and around Miami, and also up here in my neck of the woods, in and around Philadelphia. Eric Dane, the McSteamy heartthrob from Grey’s Anatomy costars along with Alan Arkin. And of course the real star of the show will be the dog that plays Marley. Err, make that dogs. The directors will need a whole lineup to fill Marley’s large pawprints — and 13 year span of life.

As you can imagine, I’m pretty excited about all this — and so apparently are my former colleagues down in Florida. Wilson and Zane visited the newsroom of my old haunt, the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, last week as part of their research, and my former colleagues were abuzz. Who can blame them?

Jenny and I are hoping to get down to Miami in the weeks ahead to get a peek of the filming in progress. Talk about fun.

This report appeared on Editor & Publisher magazine’s website, and it quotes a report: (One correction: The article makes it sound like I’m still a columnist at the Sun-Sentinel; I haven’t worked there since 1999.)

Owen Wilson, In Training for ‘Marley & Me,’ Visits Newspaper Office

By E&P Staff

Published: March 08, 2008 3:10 PM ET
NEW YORK It was dream enough for a newspaper columnist to pen a huge bestseller — focusing on his dog, no less — but now comes the next step: a Hollywood movie, starring Jennifer Aniston, Eric Dane and Owen Wilson. Who plays the mutt?

Wilson stopped by the South Florida Sun-Sentinel on Friday, according to a report on the People magazine web site.

Here’s a portion of the People report.

Wilson and Dane caused a stir when they showed up at the paper’s Fort Lauderdale offices – just hours before deadline. Coincidentally – or not – the film is based on a memoir by the newspaper’s columnist John Grogan. The pair spent about an hour talking to editor Earl Maucker and walking around, trailed by their crew.

One daring female reporter approached the two stars in the elevator and shook their hands, saying, “Welcome, I hope you have fun here.”

“They were charming,” she said. “I swooned a bit. Owen was very sweet. They certainly created a lot of hubbub and excitement.”

Reporters at the newspaper were invited to apply to be extras in the movie and a few are said to be considering it.

The film team previously checked out The Daily Business offices in downtown Miami as a location but apparently decided against filming there.